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Sunday, March 24, 2013

How-To: Easy Spring Tulip Nails

Hi guys! In honor of the recent change in season, I wanted to show you an easy way to create colorful tulips on your nails. This look only requires three colors of polish, a dark green striper, (or dark green polish on a nail art brush) and two differently sized dotting tools.

 Step 1.) Paint your nails two coats of a bright mint green polish

Step 2.) After the mint green has dried, use a dark green striper to create slightly curved lines to act as stems for the tulips. Make sure that you leave the bottom 1/3 of the nail stem-free to ensure that there is enough room for the flowers. Depending on the size and length of your nails, you should be able to easily fit 2-3 stems. 

  Step 3.) Follow the chart below to add the tulips:

 Frame 1: Use a large dotting tool and lavender polish to dab on oval shapes on top of each stem. This is easier to do when there is plenty of polish on the dotting tool- all you need to do is gently stipple the polish to spread it out into an oval shape.
Frame 2: Use a medium sized dotting tool and some hot pink polish to add more detail to the tulips. This does not have to look precise. All I did was gently dab the pink polish around the edges of the lavender (think of parentheses). On the larger ovals, I added a dab of pink in the center of the lavender as well.
Frame 3: After Frame 2, I realized that I had forgotten leaves! So I went back in with my green striper to add a few random leaves poking out from the bottom half of the stems. Making leaves is very simple- all you need to do is gently press the end of the striper onto the nail at an angle. If accidentally blob the polish rather than striping it, just drag the blob outwards with the tip of the striper brush. 
Step 4.) Finally, wait 20 minutes for your tulips to dry and then apply a topcoat. Waiting longer than usual will help prevent the topcoat from smearing your design.
Products Used: 

Illamasqua "Milf", L.A. Colors Art Deco striper in "Forest Green", Essie "Pilates Hottie", L'Oreal "Members Only".
Good luck and have a wonderful Spring!


  1. wow...its very pretty and easy ..great tutorial....i m gonna do it

  2. thanks! I'm sure you'll do an awesome job