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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How-To: Liberty of London Inspired Floral Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today's nail art design is a floral pattern adapted from some beautiful Liberty of London fabric that I saw the other day. The colors on the swatch reminded me a lot of summertime (or at least the summers I wish we had in Texas), so I thought it would be a perfect tutorial for this season. However, I can't say that this is a great tutorial for those of you who lack patience and a pair of steady hands!
Step 1.) Paint your nails two coats of a white polish. I still haven't bought a new bottle of white, so I had to substitute with a very light gray.

 Step 2.) Follow the chart below to replicate the pinky nail design:

Top row: Use a coral polish and a medium sized dotting tool to create a floppy flower on the top half of the nail. This doesn't need to be perfect- just make five dots and then lightly drag the polish to meet in the center. Next, use a nail art brush and a light blue polish to paint two jagged petals of a partial flower. Then, use a black striper to create two stems that poke out from either side of the coral flower. Once the stems have dried, use a nail art brush and a green polish to add some leaves at the very tip of the nail.

Bottom row: Use a small dotting tool and black polish to dab one dot in the center of the coral flower, and five more near the tip of each petal. Use white polish and the same small dotting tool to add a dot where the petals of the blue flower connect. Next, carefully connect the dots on the petals of the coral flower to the dot in the center with a black striper. This is easier if your striper polish is new and not gloopy (like mine >_<). After the black dots have dried, use an even smaller dotting tool (or a toothpick) to add white dots inside the five outer dots. Lastly, use your black striper to add a stem to the blue flower.

Step 3.) Follow the chart below to create the ring finger design:

Top row: Start off by using a nail art brush to paint a coral semicircle on the bottom corner of your ring fingernail. Next, use a lilac polish and a nail art brush to add some long, pointed petals that radiate outwards from the semicircle. These petals don't need to be identical in size or shape- I think it's more whimsical if they aren't! Then use a green polish and the nail art brush to paint a few zigzags on the tip of the nail.

Bottom row: While the green zigzag is drying, use your black striper to carefully outline the coral semicircle. Once the green polish has dried, use the same lilac polish from before to add a few slightly smaller zigzags on top. Next, outline the large petals with your striper and add some additional lines inside the petals.. Like I said before, this is a lot easier with a newer bottle of striper polish. Also, if your lines are too blobby and thick, try using less pressure while painting. Finally, use a tiny dotting tool or toothpick to add some black dots inside the coral semicircle.

Step 4.) Follow along to recreate this design for your middle finger nail:

Top row: With a nail art brush and yellow polish, paint a curved line at approximately the upper third of your nail. Then, paint some more curved lines that cascade down and out from the first. Wait for the yellow polish to dry, and then outline the lines you made with black. I used the yellow on a thicker brush before the black so that filling in the petals will be easier.
Bottom row: Fill in the white spaces that are left inside the petals with yellow polish. Next, use a small dotting tool and black polish to place a cluster of dots on the lower third of the nail. With your black striper, carefully connect each dot to the curve you painted in frame one. While your striper is out, add a few thin lines inside each yellow petal. Lastly, add some coral, lilac, and blue dots inside the black dots with a toothpick.
Step 5.) Index finger time!

Top row: With your blue polish and a nail art brush, paint a curved, droopy petal on one side of your nail. Wipe off your brush and add a base to your petal with some green polish. Next, use a small or medium sized dotting tool and lilac polish to make some partial flowers that are roughly the same shape as the coral one on your pinky. You can add these flowers to any blank space you have left on the nail.

Bottom row: With a nail art brush and white polish, add a small white stripe down the center of the blue petal. Then use a small dotting tool and black polish to add a dot to the center of the lilac flowers. Next, use a toothpick and black polish to add a cluster of tiny black lines on the upper half of the blue petal. Lastly, use your black striper to outline the petal and to add a few lines that radiate from the center of the lilac flowers.

Step 6.) Follow the chart to create the final design:

 Top row: Use your striper to paint two slightly curved lines that meet at the upper corner of your thumbnail. Next, use a nail art brush and your light blue polish to paint an "x" on the other side of the nail. Use this x as a guideline for painting on some jagged petals (like the ones on your pinky nail). Then add a green petal underneath the two black lines you painted earlier. At the tip of the black line closest to the center of the nail, use a small dotting tool and lilac polish to dab on three blobby petals. Wipe off your dotting tool to add three coral dots below each petal, and one white dot in the center of the blue flower.
Bottom row: Connect the three coral dots to the lilac ones by picking up more polish on your dotting tool and using a light, stippling motion to drag the polish upwards. Next, add some more petals by repeating that stippling/dragging process. Lastly, outline the coral, lilac, and green sections of the design with your black striper.
*NOTE: Because my striper is gross and gloopy, the last frame isn't as neat as I wanted it to be. Before I sealed everything with topcoat, I went back and corrected my mistakes- it happens! Chances are, you'll have to do some cleaning up too (this is when patience comes in handy) :)
Products Used:
O.P.I "My Boyfriend Scales Walls", Essie "Tart Deco", Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow", Illamasqua "Milf", Essie "Bikini So Teeny", Essie "Under Where?", Kiss Nail Art Paint in black, Sally Hansen "Black Out".
Well, that's all, folks! Thanks so much for reading- hope you enjoyed!

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