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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Urban Outfitters Nail Polish (plus how to remove glitter polish)

Hello again! Today I thought that I'd do a review of Urban Outfitters nail polishes. Mind you, I only have three, but thus far I've been so impressed with the quality that I may buy more. Also, since one of the polishes is a glitter, it seemed appropriate to share my favorite glitter removal technique!

From L to R: Idaho Potato, Crowded, Afterhours

Below are swatches of the polishes. Each swatch is how the color appears with two coats.

 Crowded in the bottle and on the nails (without a topcoat). With a topcoat, this color appears just as glossy as Idaho Potato.

What it is: A creme periwinkle polish

Application: Very smooth and very opaque! I was quite impressed with the opacity of the first coat- of course there was the occasional thin patch, but overall the polish went on strong. It only took another thin coat to even out the color.

Idaho Potato in the bottle and on the nail.

What it is: A creme burnt umber/taupe polish

Application: The application was pretty much identical to that of Crowded (which I expected given that they have the same creme finish).

Afterhours in the bottle and on the nail (I have applied this to the nail without a colored base).

What it is: A rose colored glitter polish with other multicolored particles. (Glitter is not extremely chunky or extremely fine).

Application: I didn't expect this polish to apply very strongly, but even on the first coat, tons of glitter was distributed evenly across the nail. I would recommend applying this over a base color, but Afterhours looks pretty nice even on its own.  

Here I've applied Afterhours on my ring finger and thumb, with Idaho Potato on the remaining nails. My favorite thing about Afterhours is that it makes for a great accent color to almost any polish. In the picture above, you can see how Idaho Potato emphasizes the similarly colored glitter particles in Afterhours (and I'm sure that Crowded would have the same effect).


Price: Urban Outfitters nail polish sells at $8 for two bottles, but individually they sell for $5 (which is still pretty inexpensive!)

Dry time: The dry time for all of these polishes is quite fast- I was able to apply a second coat just 4-5 minutes after applying the first.

Are they worth the money? For $4 a bottle, most definitely. The quality surpassed my expectations, and I will definitely be back at UO soon to purchase more colors!

 Okay, well, glitter polishes like Afterhours are fun and all, but they're a total bitch to remove! NO. WRONG. I'll show you how to remove glitter polish with ordinary household supplies and minimal effort. However, I can't take credit for this method- Misschievous on YouTube has a great video that shows this method in detail.


-Tin foil
- Nail polish remover
- Tissues or cotton rounds

First take a cotton round and soak it with nail polish remover. Since I didn't have any cotton rounds, I improvised with tissues. Next, wrap the cotton round or tissue around your nail. Too keep the round/tissue attached, take a strip of tin foil and wrap it around your finger. Be sure that the foil is wrapped around your finger firmly- the idea is to keep the polish remover in direct contact with your nail. At this stage, you should appear to have crazy metallic alien claws.

 After waiting for a couple minutes, twist the foil claw a few times. This will rub away any stubborn bits of glitter as well as ease the claw off your finger. Usually, a few glitter particles will remain on the nail even after the alien claw treatment- just use a Q-tip and polish remover to wipe them away. Even so, this method gets rid of about 95% of glitter without the scrubbing.

Welp, I hope you've found this review and tip helpful- good luck!


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