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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How-To: Easy Dotted Tips

Happy Nail Art Sunday! (Not the catchiest name, but Sundays are my most convenient days to update so...) Anyway, today I have a simple yet elegant nail art design to show you that won't take the whole afternoon to complete:

Step 1.) After applying a basecoat, paint your nails one coat of a sheer pinkish nude polish to neutralize any discoloration
 Step 2.) Use a black polish and a large dotting tool to create a black base for the dots:

Left: Create a basic French tip by wiping off any excess polish from the brush and slowly rotating the finger while keeping the brush still. Don't worry- this doesn't have to be perfect (mine certainly aren't!)
Right: Use a large dotting tool and the same black polish to add a row of dots just above the French tip. I positioned my dots at different heights for more visual interest. Wait for the black to completely dry before moving on to step 3.
Step 3.) Gather three different colors of polish and then follow the chart below: (For this look I stuck with metallic shades, but it's really up to you)

Top: With your large dotting tool, pour out a little of the first color onto your worksheet and then carefully dab slightly smaller dots on top of the black ones. Leave some space in between your placement of the first color- two dots of the same color shouldn't be right next to each other.
Middle: Repeat the last step with your second color of polish.
Bottom: Fill in the remaining black dots with the third color. If there are any spots where the black border is too thin, go ahead and touch up with a black striper.  
Step 4.) As always, wait until your manicure is dry and then apply a topcoat to protect your design.
Products Used:

 O.P.I "Bubble Bath", Sally Hansen "Black Out", Pure Ice "Fast Lane", O.P.I "Number One Nemesis", Sally Hansen "Pedal to the Metal".
Base and Topcoat: Orly Bonder, Seche Vite
Good Luck!