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Sunday, May 26, 2013

How-To: Easy Citrus Nail Art

Hello lovelies! Today I was inspired to create an easy summer nail art look after researching key lime pie recipes (yum). The result was a fun, citrus design that I think is perfect for the upcoming season. If you want to know how I achieved this look, just keep on scrolling... 
Step 1.) Paint your ring fingers a light blue color, and then follow the chart below to create half moons on the rest of your nails.

Left: Position a circular sticker 1/3 to 1/4 of the way up the nail (you can use paper reinforcement rings for this as well, but any small round sticker will do). Then press down the edges to make sure that there are no gaps for the polish to seep through.

Right: Paint one thick coat of the same blue polish above the sticker. Finally, immediately remove the sticker by pulling it towards and away from the polish instead of down. This ensures that your edge will be neat.

Step 2.) Grab two different sizes of dotting tools, yellow polish and green polish, and then follow the chart below:

 Left: With a medium sized dotting tool, make three dots on the edge of the half moon. To add some variety, I decided to alternate green and yellow dots.
Right: Use a tiny dotting tool (or a toothpick) to make smaller dots inside the larger ones. Make yellow dots inside the green ones, and vice versa.
 Step 3.) Adapt your stickers to make a stencil for the ring fingers (pssst! I recommend doing this before you paint your nails):

Top: Place one sticker halfway on top of another.
Middle: Trace along the edge of the sticker.
Bottom: Carefully cut out the traced edge. 
Step 4.) Place the stencil on top of your ring finger nail so that the bottom third of the nail is exposed. Next, paint on a thick coat of either green or yellow inside the space you created before peeling off the stencil (I used green on one ring finger and yellow on the other). Depending on the opacity of your polish, you may need to carefully paint on a second coat.
Step 5.) Get out your trusty white striper and follow the chart below to paint on some citrus-y details:

Top Row: After your second coat of polish has dried, outline your lemon/lime slice with a white striper. This will give you an opportunity to cover up any mistakes that may have occurred during the application of the second coat.

Bottom Row: Create three slightly curved lines that run parallel to the outline of the lemon/lime. Lastly, complete the wedge sections by painting two lines extending down from the edges of each curved line. Make sure that they all meet at one point near the cuticle.

Step 6.) As always, seal in your nail art with a topcoat for the finishing touch!

Products Used:

 Delia*s "Blue Dream", Illamasqua "Milf", Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow", Kiss Nail Art Paint in white.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you give this easy design a try (feel free to post any comments or recreations below!)

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