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Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: My Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes

Hello lovely reader! Today I bit the bullet and decided to finally write a post about my five favorite nail polishes. As I suspected, it was pretty difficult to choose just five, so I ended up narrowing down my favorites by how much I use them, quality of the polish, and season. Therefore, all of the polishes that I'll be mentioning are in my opinion great versatile colors for Spring (except perhaps my thumbnail color), and are of excellent quality.

From L to R: O.P.I "Berlin There Done That", Illamasqua "Milf", Butter London "Two Fingered Salute", Butter London "Dahling", Essie "Pilates Hottie".

O.P.I Berlin There Done That

What it is: A midtone cool gray that dries to a creme finish
Price: I believe that O.P.I retails for around USD $8
Why I love it: First of all, I bought this polish on a whim whilst grocery shopping a few months back, thinking that it would be great for nail art, but not a great standalone color. Well, I was kind of right- this is wonderfully versatile, but it's also beautiful on its own. This is definitely not one of those grays that makes your fingers look dead (at least not on my skintone), and it dries quickly and reaches full opacity with 2 coats.

Illamasqua "Milf"

What it is: A springy mint green that dries to a creme finish
Price: USD $14
Why I love it: Well, obviously not because of the price, but if you can bring yourself to spend $14 on a bottle of polish, this is the one to spend it on. I imagine that it would be flattering on most skintones, and dries SUPER quickly. This is one of those polishes that I have to make myself put aside in favor of trying new colors because it's just so wonderful/luxurious/every positive descriptive word ever. Also, I've gotten tons of compliments when I wear this and never fail to be amused by peoples' reactions when I tell them that the color is called Milf...
Butter London "Two Fingered Salute" 

What it is: A muted, dusty sea-green with very fine copper glitter shot through
Price: USD $15
Why I love it: If I had to give a most unique polish award, it would without a doubt go to this one. This is one of those polishes that never shows up as beautiful in pictures as it does in life, so sorry about that (the image of the bottle is as close as I could get to what it really looks like). Anyway, Two Fingered Salute has a ton of dimension and looks slightly different depending on the lighting, which I love. The shimmer spreads very evenly which is another plus, and the dry time is quite fast as well. You get what you pay for!
Butter London "Dahling" 

What it is: A deep rose shade that straddles the line between red and pink (creme finish)

Price: USD $15

Why I love it: Personally, I think that this is the most perfect, timeless dark rose color ever. For a pink/red, it's quite easy to wear, meaning that I don't feel as though my nail color is out of place if I'm wearing casual clothing. I could also see this looking amazing on a member of any age group, simply because rose shades are classically glamorous and feminine. Butter London hasn't disappointed thus far!

Essie "Pilates Hottie"

What it is: A light pinkish lavender (creme finish).

Price: USD $8

Why I love it: Once again, this was another grocery store impulse buy, but this shade has become one of my most worn purples/pinks. It's pink enough not to wash out pale skintones, but not quite bright enough to scream Barbie (which isn't my thing, although I have no problem with bubblegum pinks on other people). Similar to Dahling, Pilates Hottie is quite feminine but also very elegant.

 Well, that's it! I hope you've found this post helpful! I realize that most of these polishes are quite expensive, but I do use them often and they have proven to be worth the money. However, I plan to do a favorite drugstore nail polish post in the future!

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